MoxoHack: Build the next generation app by integrating real time engagement to your mobile and web apps using the Moxtra SDK

Welcome to Moxtra’s Inaugural Online Hackathon!

With Moxtra’s powerful Mobile-first SDKs/APIs you can add full strength collaboration to anything you can imagine. Have an iOS, Android, or web app? Add chat with just a drag and drop of code. Want annotations? We’ve got you covered with any type of visual or auditory annotation. Need to send files? Yep, send any type that you want. Want to call someone? Why not call twenty people.. at the same time… from within your app.. and heck you can even screen-share it and show off your app too! All of this and more come for free with almost no development effort on your end. Let’s see what you can create when you add powerful collaboration with Moxtra!

We encourage global participants - professional, collegiate, or high schoolers alike - to build and create something inventive and valuable, focused on collaboration. Developers can provide multi-media chats, real-time mobile meetings, rich annotative tools, record and share presentations and more, all layered into your ChallengePost hack. Happy Hacking!



For all documentation on using Moxtra, and how to get started, please visit Join the discussions and our team can directly help you if you have any questions.

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Submitting iOS Apps

Your iOS app does not need to be in the App Store. 

To share a build using HockeyApp, send a testing link to: , and add the testing link to your submission form under “iOS Build Link”. 

To share a build using TestFlight, you must enter the Administrator email address and UDID:

  • Administrator UDIDs:
  • iPad®  f6de0435684a84575fb0d44f6619f523b6cefc76
  • iPad®  9217566fbd6f3c695bdd0dd8e28a00c30308547d
  • iPhone® 5 90266c37f06c50ceac8cb6d7baeb843db03e59d4
  • iPhone® 5 ddcd1ec2b87d426c0608e5fa05cf0da770c75e47

If your app is available on the app store please provide a link in the “Website URL” field on the submission form. If you charge for your app, please also provide a promo code.

Submitting Android Apps

Upload an .apk file on the “Enter a Submission” form on the Challenge Website or provide a link for downloading the Application in the “Testing Instructions” field on the “Enter a Submission” form. 

Submitting Web Apps

Provide a link for accessing your Application on the “Testing Instructions” field on the “Enter a Submission” form on the Challenge Website.

Submitting Windows PC Apps

Upload the appropriate installation files (.exe) in the submission form or provide a link for us to download your app.

Submitting Mac OS Apps

Upload the appropriate installation files in the submission form or provide a link for us to download your app.

How to enter

  1. Go to to register your API key, review the documentation, and start building.
  2. Register an account on this site and submit your project

On this site you can follow the competition in addition to watch and share what other teams are publicly working on.


Subrah Iyar

Subrah Iyar
CEO - Moxtra

Stanley Huang

Stanley Huang
CTO - Moxtra

Raj Sen Sharma

Raj Sen Sharma
Director of Product Management - Moxtra

Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar
Director,Solution Services - Moxtra

Leena Iyar

Leena Iyar
Marketing and Design - Moxtra

Judging Criteria

  • Design
    Is the application polished, visually appealing, and easy to use?
  • Effective use of the Moxtra platform
    Does the application take advantage of the unique functionality offered by the Moxtra platform?
  • Utility
    Is the application compelling and/or indispensable?
  • Originality of concept
    Is the application unique and/or innovative?